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Proper Concussion care

The Happy Brain℠ program is a neuro-muscular based approach to evaluation and treatment of concussed patients. Neurological dysfunction is objectively identified and manually manipulated with Trauma-Free Treatment™ protocols to address concussion related signs and symptoms.

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The majority of mild traumatic brain injuries recovery within 7 to 10 days. If concussion signs and symptoms continue beyond 7 days the diagnosis changes from acute concussion to post-concussion syndrome; unfortunately, some patients continue to suffer from their concussion for years with little to no change in their condition.

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Happy Brain℠ neurological evaluation procedures:

Vestibulo-Occular Reflex
Visual Error Scoring System
Cranial Nerve 5 Test – Bite Test
Cranial Nerve 7 Test – Cheek Puff
Cranial Nerve 12 Test – Tongue
Jaw Function Test
Balance Test
Trauma-Free Treatment©
Post Concussion Exercises
Happy Brain℠ Certification

Healthcare providers can become certified by completing intensive
training in evaluation and treatment protocols.